Jeremy JF Thompson - 4th Vice Chair, Louisiana Democratic Party

Jeremy JF Thompson

4th Vice Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party


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We need Democratic Leadership

In every parish

Based on my own research over the last year, 16% of DPECs currently have no members. 70% of DPECs have shown no signs of online activity in the past year (web, social, etc). This leaves 30% of DPECs currently showing any signs of discoverable activity. While we often turn our attention to the more spectacular problems at the state level, the fact is that ground work is what carries elections, and ground work is done by DPECs. We have a sleeping machine across the state and I intend to focus my time on revitalizing this machine via a committee dedicated to providing the tools, resources and extra support necessary to empower all of our DPECs to foster thriving Democratic communities in every parish.

Democratic presence across Louisiana
LGBTQ+ representation in Louisiana

Diverse Representation is

the foundation of democracy

Last year, there were over 500 anti-LGBTQ+ bills in legislation across the USA. Nine of those were right here in Louisiana. When any group of people are targeted because of their identity, we all need to pay attention and speak out. This isn't about LGBTQ+ rights... It's about basic equality and representation. Our libraries have been under siege for over a year by extremists in our community calling for the removal of trans and queer stories. So far, we've been successful in protecting these stories, but there are many challenges ahead and I intend to use this position to increase awareness and build more support through the party in the coming months.

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